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In February 2012 the prosecutors in Palermo and Trapani re-opened the case on the murder of the anti-Mafia journalist and activist Peppino Impastato, which took place in Cinisi (Palermo) in the night between May 8th and 9th 1978. The ongoing investigations are focusing on the link between the death of the journalist and another bloody murder in Alcamo Marina (Trapani) in January 1976, during which two police officers, Carmine Apuzzo e Salvatore Falcetta, were killed.

In 1997, after serving 21 years, 2 months and 15 days in jail, the Court of Appeal in Reggio Calabria absolved the suspect Giuseppe Gulotta, who wasn’t proven guilty for the murder of two policemen. He was pressured into pleading guilty by some policemen. He was released permanently only in 2012.

What kind of information had Peppino Impastato found on the Alcamo murder? Where had his research as investigative journalist led him? What was the content of file seized by the police in Peppino’s house on the night of his murder? Which role did Gaetano Badalamenti, one of the biggest Mafia bosses, play?

The Voice of Peppino Impastato’ follows the investigation of the Milanese journalist Pietro Spada – played by the Croatian actor Andrea Tich – trying to shed light on the relation between the Alcamo Marina case and the murder of the activist from Cinisi. He video interviews the main experts on the Impastato’s case, his friends and family: from the journalist of ‘La Repubblica’ (one of the main Italian newspaper), Salvo Palazzolo, to the prosecutor Gian Carlo Caselli, to the sociologist Nando Dalla Chiesa, to the journalist of ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ newspaper Antonella Mascali, to the president of ‘Radio 100 Passi’ Danilo Sulis, to Peppino’s Brother Giovanni Impastato, to the president of the Anti-Mafia organization ‘Libera’ Don Ciotti, to the prosecutor Franca Imbergamo, to the writer Carlo Lucarelli and the co-author of ‘Radio Aut’ Salvo Vitale.

Ivan Vadori’s docu-film tells the story of Peppino Impastato, a determined, tenacious journalist who spent his life fighting against Mafia in the pursuit of the truth.



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