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Ivan Vadori


Ivan Vadori (Pordenone, Italy, 1981) is a journalist and a Multimedial Sciences and Technologies laureate at the Udine University with the thesis ‘Radio Aut: a legality cry in the web era 2.0’. He produced the documentary film ‘Aviano, Italy’ and the film ‘The sun sets at midnight’. He was a member of the council of the only Italian association to the memory of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaja, ‘Anna Viva’. He holds seminars about legality and freedom of expression in primary and secondary school in northern Italy and at Udine University. He works as moderator in several debates about justice, immigration and mafia and is an active member of the anti-Mafia association. At present, he works as journalist for ‘Il Messaggero Veneto’, ‘’, ‘il Fatto Quotidiano’ newspapers. He participated as Media Assistant in festivals concerning investigative documentary films, international literature and ethical consumerism as ‘Le voci dell’inchiesta”, “Pordenonelegge” and “Eticamente”. In 2009, he was awarded of the Pirandello prize for best short film in Agrigento. The docu-film “The Voice of Peppino Impastato” is his first work.



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