Director’s note


You know that feeling of when you come across an old photo from the 1980s of the girl that had made you fall head over heels? No matter how beautiful the girl, your eyes, or mine at least, will be attracted by a peculiar element: the shoulder pads. Girls wore horrible shoulder pads, because they were fashionable. And you will ask yourselves: how come shoulder pads were part of my life and I never said anything?

So, I asked myself a similar question with regards to Palermo, the city where I was born and grew-up. One day I stopped and I looked back. And that’s when the question came to me: how is it possible that in Palermo the Mafia was so forcefully present in people’s lives and so few spoke out against it?
Time makes you more clear headed, more detached and you then understand the absurd compromises you make during your life, aware to a greater or lesser extent, in order to carry on. And in the end you pretend that everything is fine. Including accepting shoulder pads. Because it’s tiring to stand out from the crowd. Because, however bitter this may be, there and then your life is easier if you put your head down, and time will tell.
So, it’s sometimes better to be a child. Because you imitate your role models, adults.
And if they don’t have any problems, neither do you. Problems start coming when, one day, that child realizes that the Mafia doesn’t kill only in summer“.




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