Q&A: Clare Longrigg

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Clare Longrigg

The Q&A will be co-hosted by the English writer Clare Longrigg, deputy editor of Guardian weekend magazine.

She is author of three books on the mafia, including Mafia Women, stories of women living with organised crime, and Boss of Bosses, a biography of Bernardo Provenzano.  She writes the blog Mafiology,  news and interviews on Italian organised crime.

“So many of us were raised on the overblown, romanticised image of Cosa Nostra from the Godfather movies, it’s fascinating to get a Sicilian child’s eye view of the heroes and villains of the mafia’s insidious rule. The humour of Pierfrancesco Diliberto’s approach makes the tragedy of his subject matter more human, and above all more Sicilian. For a British audience familiar with Pietro Germi’s In the Name of the Law or Francesco Rosi’s Salvatore Giuliano, this is a great introduction to contemporary italian film making”.

On Twitter: @ClareLongrigg


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