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  • Marc Brown, projectionist: “I enjoyed it a lot, especially the mingling of key events in Italy’s mob history playing along with a coming of age story. Inspired me to read up on it more after the film! It’s a side of the mafia those outside of Italy don’t get to hear about, the key events in law that recognised they exist!”
  • Francisca Garcia Sanchez: “I think it is the very first time I had fun watching a film about Mafia! It was fun and touching at the same time
  • Dean Beattie: “A really good film
  • Matthew Evans, actor: “Being English my knowledge of the Mafia situation in Sicily is pretty limited however I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Mafia Only kills In The Summer.’ The film works on several different levels being in part extremely  funny and also poignantly sad. I found the scenes with the memorial plaques for the slain officials particularly moving. A very human story of everyday people just wanting to be able to get on with their own lives without the spectre of the Mafia looking over their shoulders every waking minute of the day. I think that this serious story is made evermore powerful by the skillful use of wit and humour in conveying its message. Well done!!
  • Isabel Cameron, actress: “I really enjoyed the film. It was funny, educational & surprisingly moving with beautiful settings and mostly naturalistic performances. A nice combination and good to see Italian comedy moving away from farce”.
  • David Childs-Clarke: “A really fantastic film which touches you on so many levels with it’s sadness, wit and excellent cinematography. Then it also teaches you about the mafia in a way that perhaps people outside of Italy don’t fully appreciate. A lovely evening!”
  • Carol Godsmark, Chichester Film Festival: “The people I talked to about it found it a lovely film, full of energy and great acting, particularly the children. It bowled along quite wonderfully and charmingly until the moment when our hero Arturo grows up. Beforehand, he was a clever, curious child with motivation and love for Andreotti as well as a burning desire to impress Flora but were puzzled by Arturo the Adult who wasn’t terribly intelligent, his only goal getting close to Flora who spurned him only to find she suddenly loved him. Andreotti, the hero, was unaccounted for too with no explanation. But the final scene was delightful, papa Arturo explaining to his young son Italian history“.

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