Italian Cinema London The Mafia Kills In The Summer




The sold-out programme by Italian Cinema London has been screened as a Special Event at the 23rd Chichester International Film Festival on 24 August 2014.

Have a look at the photogallery!

CHIFF14 Italian Cinema London Chichester Festival 1
The director of the Chichester Film Festival Roger Gibson and our artistic director Clara Caleo Green

The festival, directed by Roger Gibson, included the multi-awarded dark comedy “The Mafia Kills Only In The Summer” by Pierfrancesco Diliberto and the documentary “The Voice Of Peppino Impastato” by Ivan Vadori.

One month before the UK Premiere of these two films packed the cinema Riverside Studios in London (photogallery)

The screening of “The Mafia Kills Only In The Summer” has been part of the session “Special Events and Talks”. Clara Caleo Green, artistic director of Italian Cinema London, introduced the film, which was included in the session “Contemporary Italian Auteurs” together with such film as the Oscar winner “The Great Beauty” and “Gomorrah“.

It has been a double-bill with the documentary “The Voice Of Impastato” by Ivan Vadori, which has been screened twice on Sunday 24: at 2,00pm and at 6,30 pm, in the section “Focus on Documentary”.

Italian Cinema London artistic director Clara Caleo Green commented:

We are pleased that our programme has also been screened outside the Capital and part of such a distinguish English Film Festival. Our main purpose is to share our passion for contemporary Italian cinema, which we are so proud of. The audience will appreciate “The Mafia Kills Only In The Summer” for its new approach to the mafia: quite a different view of Sicily from that of the old cliches of The Godfather

Italian Cinema London organised the screenings with the kind support of Rai Trade, Wildside production and the Italian association Efasce.

The Voice of Peppino Impastato PIC




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